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Howell's Hill

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James Geter Howell's History Page

Please visit David Howells web site where you can find a complete family tree.


born April 27th 1890, Lansing, Ashe County, North Carolina
occupation: Farmer
died  March 13th 1970, Silas Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina, age: 79
buried : Howell Hill Cemetery, Silas Creek, North Carolina
Married : Amanda Lucinda "Lucy" Barr
"Lucy" Barr Howell born June 12th 1894 died September 30th 1982
buried Howell Hill Cemetery, Silas Creek, North Carolina
Children :
James Smith Howell
Roy Elizabeth Howell {died as an infant}
William Howard "Gramp" Howell
Jessie Clyde Howell
Alvin Paul Howell
Ralph Leonard Howell
Wiley Webb Howell
Annie Dale Howell
Gwyn Kermit Howell
Ruth Adina Howell
Aldon Ray Howell

James Geter & Lucinda Barr Howell

Memories and Stories

Some of my fondest memories of visiting Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Geter's house include: (1) A dipper of fresh spring water from the spring house (2) Grandma Lucy's wonderful home cooked meals (3) Exploring upstairs where I found boxes of books that belonged to Papa and his brother's and sisters; some of which Grandma Lucy allowed me to take home (4) Playing in the corner behind the dining room door with the "wonderful" glass door knob........I remember pretending that this was my own personal doorway to another magical land.

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James Geter Howell
In front of Green's Chapel Baptist Church

I have no guess as to the year this was taken.

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