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Howell's Hill

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Lisa Renae Hamm's History Page (Site Author)

Howell Holler, David Howell's website:

born: January 20th 1966 Greensboro North Carolina
Maiden name: Lisa Renae Hamm
Names of children:
                             William Cody Kinsey Born October 21, 1993
                             Holly Renae Kinsey   Born December 15th 1997
Names of parents:Shirley Sue Howell
                             Gilbert William Hamm
Marital status: Married
Name of spouse: Steven Everett Hamilton "Steve" Born February 9th 1968
               To Steven Everett Hamilton November 22nd 2006
               To Tommy Kinsey August 14th, 1982 (2 children)

To read Stories from Silas Creek as told by William Howard Howell and retold by Lisa Renae Hamilton please visit:

My Son Cody

My Daughter Holly

Memories and Stories

I have many fond memories of visits to Grandma Lucy's house in Lansing North Carolina. This is where Papa began to tell me stories about growing up in Silas Creek. I also have many fond memories of Nanny and Papa (Dot and Gramp Howell) these can be found by visiting:

Lisa Renae Hamilton

Well........This is author.....

Lisa Renae Hamilton

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