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Howell's Hill

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A Brief Family History

How we all got here..

The Family of

William Howard Howell

William Howard Howell was a direct descendant of James Howell (1767-1850). James Howell was a farmer from Grayson County Virginia who had seven children. James Howell moved to Ashe county North Carolina and there began the Howell Family's roots in Silas Creek. James had a son named George born Sept. 15th 1817 in Ashe County. George and his wife Anna had 5 children. Their son Alvin Powell "Pal" Howell (B. Feb. 2, 1844) and his wife Louisa Caroline "Callie" Blackburn had 9 children. Their son, James Geter Howell, (a Baptist Minister born April 27th, 1890) and his wife Amanda Lucinda "Lucy" Barr (B. June 12, 1894)had 11 children. Their son,William Howard Howell was my grandfather.

My Grandfather, William Howard Howell had three children; Shirley Sue Howell, William Howard Howell Jr. "Bill" and Richard Lee Howell. My mother (Sue) had two children; James Thomas Mathis "Jamie" and myself (Lisa Renae Hamm). My brother Jamie has two children; Destiny Nichole Mathis and Justice James Mathis. I have two children; William Cody Kinsey and Holly Renae Kinsey.

Below is the Howell family crest. If you look at Family Heirlooms you will find my grandfather's draft notice and an invitation from the CC Camp he worked for when he left Lansing.


Points of Interest

While researching public records I found a few interesting details about our family.


Dept of archives reference and file number {2519} William Howell 1836; 1838

Dept of archives reference and file number {2698} George Howell 1838; 1840

Dept of archives reference and file number 512.14.28.5086 {5118} Calvin Howell 1875

Dept of archives reference and file number

512.14.28.5255 {5287} David Howell 1881; 1883


Census Reports

The 1830 census shows that William Howell owned 2 slaves; a male slave between the ages of 24-36 and a female slave between the ages of 36-55. He wasn't the only Howell listed that owned slaves. James Howell owned a male slave between the ages of 24-36 as well.

The 1870 census was more detailed. It listed the names and ages of the household members. These two Howell relatives were listed on the 1870 census.

Calvin Howel (farmer)30, Rachel Howell 29, James Howell 9, Amanda Howell 6, John Howell 4, Barbary Howell 2

William Howell (farmer)48, Celia Howell 42, Amour Howell 18, Rhonda Howell 17, Phebe Howell 14, Sarah Howell 11

Arial View Of Lansing NC
near the Howell Family Homeplace

This is an arial view of Lansing near Howell Road.

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